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FWIW, I keep track of who I ask and when. I understand entitlement, and I don't *want* to be that user. I tried hard to keep my requests down to once a year, if that. I *was* logging in to curse to get those addons that did not update here.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the *only* person using Linux, or whose browser has problems with the way Curse has coded their pages, or with multiple various and different animated advertisements running at the same time. And if Curse had offered the benefit of opt-in email notification when an addon updated, and of opt-in email notification when comments were left on the page, I would have been far more likely to remain only there, and only login once a month or so when I had nothing else going on on my computer and could reboot to clear the slog.

I've had at least one addon author say that the process/experience of updating an addon here is BETTER than on curse. And I'm sorry that wowinterface doesn't offer the authors money, but that's out of my control. When I've had extra money, I have donated to addon authors, but that hasn't been for a few years now.

Thank you for replying.
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