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Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
I already PM'd Dolby a few days ago, but that broke when curse updated their site last week. All my addons here are pulled from Curse. Only one of them needs to be updated here, I just haven't got around to it.
I'm afraid this is going to sound paranoid, but is there any thought that Curse/Twitch might have changed things specifically to make that not work? I know I get cynical when an entity starts acting more like a faceless corporation, but that doesn't mean they're deliberately trying to screw others.

I'll look into those other ideas, thanks.

@Ammako, my issue is that twitch, in general, has nothing I'm interested in. Curse had things I was interested in, in ways that were more difficult/annoying for me to access than WoWI, and so I used them VERY minimally. I pretty much avoided them totally until WoD and Master Plan, which was one of the authors that never responded to my request to update here. (I believe I messaged them twice, once when I found them, and once a while later.) And fwiw, I made an account on Github to talk to Tekkub (i think that's the right spelling) about his addons when I saw he was no longer active here. It's not the account per se, but how the site interacts with my computer/Linux in general and whether I feel the site is useful to me.
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