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Originally Posted by Barleduq View Post
I'm afraid this is going to sound paranoid, but is there any thought that Curse/Twitch might have changed things specifically to make that not work? I know I get cynical when an entity starts acting more like a faceless corporation, but that doesn't mean they're deliberately trying to screw others.
I could see trying to prevent automated scripts from pulling downloads straight from the website without going through Curse/Twitch client (or without having to give them page views.)
I won't pretend to know any specific reasons why that may be harmful to Curse, or what WoWI's script may be doing, but if it's not a tinfoil hat reason there must be a genuine reason. Could be a tinfoil hat reason, still.

I mean, they don't even allow batch download of Favorites without using their client (even when there was a Download All button, it just gave you a proprietary file to be used with the client which would then initiate a download-all), and the website redesign removed the ability to quickly download all Favorites at the click of a button each. Just more ways to nudge people into using their client.
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