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Alternative curse clients

This is a rather old thread but maybe the OP is still reading. I'm also on Linux and I use a simple python script lcurse to pull updates from curse. At the moment I'm using this fork which works better for me (and Alar is around regularly). That way I don't have to visit the curse site.

Other alternatives are Milhaus-AddOn-Updater and WoW-Addon-Updater which reportedly also covers wowinterface, and another python WOW-Addon-Updater. I haven't tried those because avoiding curse is enough for me, I can handle this site manually and I actually enjoy visiting it.

So @Barleduq: Never despair, in the wonderful world of Linux there is always a solution!

A lot of people on the official forums recommend wowmatrix as an alternative to curse-gone-twitch, so I think these alternative clients (they also work under M$Win) should get more publicity.

On a general note, I'm really sad about the way curse went ... I remember a pleasant community when it still was wowace. With curse the site got more commercial but it was still a good place to go to. Now they won't let me login anymore and I think that's it for me. I don't want an account with twitch, I neither like their TOS nor their privacy statement nor their business in general.
Does the new twitch-curse have any significant advantages for addon authors? If they profit I would maybe rethink my opinion, although, like the OP, I would prefer addon authors to post here.

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