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Why do you want it disabled?
It's a usability thing. There's several inputs that are required before the user can hit a 'submit' button. I have a button that's disabled until those values are set. Having the text field pop up an 'okay' button is really misleading.

Do you only want users to enter in a message of a certain type?
No. For this we can say it can be any arbitrary text.

even if you disabled it, they could always hit "Enter" instead of clicking it.
That's true and I can have that handler just does nothing when the user hits enter but it's misleading and bad UX to have two 'okay' buttons.

You can only disable the entire control when using an options table.
That's unfortunate. I don't want the entire widget to be disabled. Only the 'okay' button to not appear when typing. There's no way to access the widget when using an options table so I can call DisableButton(true) on it?

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