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Ok, seeing how eager you all are , I made experimental version of MPQ Editor that supports opening multiple MPQs in patch mode. You can download it here:
This link will only be valid for a few days, I'll remove it as soon as I get something more tested. Do not use it for anything else that extracting a file from patched MPQ.

Good news: Each step of the patching process is verified by MD5, both before patching and after patching. So once you manage to extract something without an error message, you can be sure that it's correct.
Bad news: I hadn't much time to test it yet. This build is by no means finished.

Usage: Best by command line, like this:
MPQEditor.exe /patch "locale-enUS.MPQ" "wow-update-12694.MPQ" "wow-update-12759.MPQ"

In case you are unable to extract a patched file, please, send me an e-mail to zezula-at-volny-dot-cz. Please, don't forget to include:
- The name of the primary MPQ
- List of patches you entered
- Full name of the extracted file

More tomorrow, it's late here and I'll go something more relaxing for rest of the (already ending) day.

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