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Found fix for Core 2.3.2

Hey everyone, for those of you having an issue updating to Core 2.3.2 I have found a solution for those of you running Vista or 7. The issue is a result of Minion not having access to the directory in which it was installed, in my case, C:\Program Files (x86)\Minion. There are two ways to correct this problem, 1 - Uninstall Minion and reinstall it to a directory outside of Program Files, Program Files being an administrator protected directory. 2 - Locate the directory containing javaw.exe, right click javaw.exe, click Properties, click Compatibility, then check Run as Administrator, Click Ok. By using the 2nd method you grant Minion, as well as any other Java App, admin priviledges to the Program Files directory, however this is NOT RECOMMENDED, although it corrects the issue, some may not like the fact that Java has admin rights, so the 1st option is your best bet. Hope this helps.
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