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Originally Posted by Goranth View Post
My only other question would then be are you passing on the website/WoWI page etc? It seems obvious who is going to be spearheading the revitalization and being able to do things like merge the topics form the supporter only forums or post the latest release to carboniteaddon.com would make Rythal's and the communities lives easier.

Kudos to all the great work to now and thanks for letting it live on legally!
I have already transferred ownership of the project, along with moderation abilities in these Carbonite forums, to Rythal.

Whether Haavok and Faatal will pass along the site as well, however, is a real toss up. Unless Rythal, or some group of individuals, offers to pony up the costs for it, though, I don't much imagine they would. My guess is that it'll just poof after a time. Don't quote me on that, though. Imo, it isn't really necessary, the files are here, the forums are in place, it's easy for Rythal to open up his portal and use that for all of the necessary documentation, news reports, etc. But both of those things aren't up to me. Time will tell I guess.

Either way, WoWI will continue to offer Rythal & the Carbonite community every assistance we can.
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