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I'm semi-MIA, I mentioned about a month ago that i'm working 3 jobs to pay for the trip down to blizzcon, so it has left me with very very little time.... I have more time now, but the week after blizzcon someone who was obviously not very happy with Carbonite, or that I hadn't done something decided to paypal bomb me by doing 15 1$ transactions, and then disputing it with their bank so I ended up charged quite a bit by paypal in reversal fee's.

That left me with a very sour feeling... and while it is non of your faults, and I shouldn't let it affect my work on Carbonite, it has.... I do not have any plans to give up on it, and if any major bugs have cropped up I will fix them (I hadn't noticed anything major, but i'll reread the forums again to make sure)... I just haven't been in the mood to do anything since that happened, and I do apologize to everyone for that... it may sound childish, or moody, but to be doing something because I love doing it, and then have someone turn around and cost me a large sum for doing what I love doing... well you get the idea.