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Bring these 4 addons to great WowInterface.com

Golden Classic Azeroth Addons. I don't use Simplification addons like Raid addons in Classic Azeroth or ones that let you know how much ammo have if adventuring with Hunter. Hope Blizz keeps classes as they were in Classic <3

These not much much Char Progression simplifying addons would be nice to have here in great WowInterface.com <3

1: Shaman Friend https://willitclassic.com/view/9Lo5XHCnQJDt7CEqW4BN
2: Spartan UI https://willitclassic.com/view/r5bbUVQV3K4sdLXtDw7S
3: Eavesdrop Classic: https://willitclassic.com/view/G0NAusQSswKQj9lpHX0t

EDIT: Was meant to write 3 not 4.. Can't edit title :/

Thanks o/

Kindly: Fedaygin
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