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Nice work MidgetMage! Hong Kong Phooey would be proud.

Originally Posted by Petrah View Post
This needs to be a sticky!!

On a side note... the very things you've stated in your post is why a lot of us either don't help people anymore or have slowed down with the help that we offer. Dealing with unappreciative little brats gets old after awhile.
I couldn't agree more, nothing takes the wind out of a "helper's" sails faster.

Maybe we can be done with conversations like these...

Originally Posted by Mrentitled12
Just HELP me! I cant plays my palidan cuz my stuff is broke and now it doesn work!

Originally Posted by HelpVolunteer
....What doesn't work?
My addons, didn't I say that already?!? Can you READ?!
If they will only read the sticky .

And to those who do answer politely, even when dealing with the most "difficult" of people... Thank you for making this site an exception to the internet. I wish every community online could be as civilized as this one, even when the most controversial topics arise. Kudos to "The Team" for helping keep it this way.
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