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Originally Posted by MidgetMage55 View Post
Aww my first sticky post. Thanks for the kind words.
Now if only they would sticky my post on tips for battle.net security



Nah just kdding

Now some on topic stuff.

Also bear in mind we are doing this because we enjoy it. So please check the attitude at the door. Asking for help then being rude about the help you get is just a fast way to not get any more help. To those helping, please give the same courtesy.
This is exactly why I spend some much time on [fill in the blank] Forums everywhere.

I like helping people. I like trying to solve their problems.

But a little politeness and consideration in a post for help goes a long way.

One of my pet hates is people who post stuff in one long run on sentence or in one long paragraph IE in one long block of text. I'm sorry guys but when I see someone posting in one big block of text I don't read it.

It may seem elitist of me but with one big block of text it makes it harder for me to read it. Or to keep track of where I was in reading it. Or where in the post certain details are. It's incredibly easy to lose track of where you were in one big block of text and I often miss details out.
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