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Originally Posted by nightcracker View Post
I've seen you before, but why is your username "us2006027321"?
Said by Nate almost a year ago.
Originally Posted by us2006027321 View Post
I am an uber-geek. "No, I'm an uber-geek. I script add-ons for a pay-to-play game." (Yes, that was me taking a pot-shot. I jest. :P) That does qualify you, but allow me to offer my credentials. I like to play White-Wolf games. More specifically, I like to LARP them. (If you follow that link, ignore the picture. Those guys are way geekier than I am. In fact, they're downright weird.) Geekier still, I pay $20 a year to be a part of the national chronicle by being a member of the Camarilla Membership. My logon name here is my Camarilla Membership number. It means I'm from the United States, and I joined on February of 2006. (I've actually been LARPing for far longer than that; that's just when I joined up with an official membership.) I have no clue what the last four digits are. I've actually tried to scan the listing of Cam numbers and information associated with them, and I have no clue. They seem to be randomly generated.

I realized after I'd joined up and sent a few messages to a few developers that I did look very much like a spam-bot. I'm sorry if I gave that impression. I'm clearly not a spam-bot. When I first showed up, I didn't expect to stay long, but Cairenn, Tekkub, and many others in the community at large have done a magnificent job of winning my heart, and now I want to stay here.

If you don't want to cook up copy pasta every time you want to reference me, you may simply call me Nate since that's my name. It's a pleasure to be here, folks! Thanks for the warm welcome. ^^

I remain,
~ N8!
And welcome back and start posting those chitchats, your speciel style of writing has been missed by this user.

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