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Originally Posted by Adys View Post
Sweet! I like.
Patched mode seems.. odd though, now. If i open all mpqs in my Data/ folder in patch mode for example, it says the opened MPQ is "wow-update-12694.MPQ (patched)"
Edit: Ah, the dialog didn't re-sort the MPQs after selecting different open mode. The order in the dialog deserves re-thinking too. I quick-fixed it for now.

Edit2: Ok, I changed the sorting order, so that now it always tries to sort it

1) base MPQs first (locale-enGB.MPQ)
2) older patches next (wow-update-12694.MPQ)
3) newer patches last (wow-update-12759.MPQ)

Also for merged mode, it now orders MPQs by date, so the desired order is:

expansion.MPQ (considered patch of "common.MPQ")
lichking.MPQ (considered patch of "expansion.MPQ")

In short, MPQ Editor always suggests proper ordering of the MPQs. Perhaps not 100%, but should work for most of the cases.
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