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Originally Posted by SWOLLSMURF View Post
I'm trying to setup an aura that activates when I have 3 or more holy power. I have the trigger working properly, using the unit power set to 60% but I cannot get the actual Light of Dawn icon to show.

When I go to the style section I have 3 options: Style, Positioning, Texture Options/Sources. Under the Style section in the Texture box, I tried typing in Light of Dawn but it just made a completely green box. If I use the spell id the box becomes completely red.

Under Texture Options/Sources I'd expect to find the proper setting but when I click the cogwheel and choose manual, none of the options in the Type dropdown work.

Where do I put the spell id and/or Light of Dawn to get the actual blizzard icon for Light of Dawn?
If you want to use the spell icon, click your Texture (Display), go to Style, take the third menu (bottom one) that says "Texture Options/Sources" and tick "Use for Texture".