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Originally Posted by SWOLLSMURF View Post
Where do I put the spell id and/or Light of Dawn to get the actual blizzard icon for Light of Dawn?
That's a bug/missing thing that I'll fix today.

Originally Posted by Stabilo View Post
Quoting myself. After updating to Beta 2 and reproducing the situation, the problem seemed to be that I've not been pushing enter after typing in the name of the buff to match. While this has mostly been a user error, I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to make the apply button check the text typed to the field whether you pressed enter or not, but of course depends on how the inner workings of the window is coded. I'm sure many others will make the same mistake and wonder.
Yeah, I'll make that change.

Originally Posted by Stabilo View Post
As for features; Would make sense when you create a new Display "inside a display" ie. a timer, that the timer -display would be automatically selected. Small thing, but helps with the UI flow.
Another thing I'll change quickly. I'll also change how that list is populated, it'll be a collection of items like "Add Timer" or "Add Stacks" to make it clearer as to what the button does.

Originally Posted by Stabilo View Post
I can't seem to get any timers visible after updating to Beta 2 and re-creating auras. When creating a timer inside a display I get the error: "Error: Interface\Addons\PowerAuras\Modules\MedaData.lua:458: attempt to index global 'self' (a nil value)
Edit: Only the "inline" timers give errors, just creating a standalone display with a timer works.
Fixed, I'll put out a quick bugfix release for that soon. Sorry for the inconvenience