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No error when creating the timers inside a display now.

However, I made independent displays for my timers in the same aura to counter the error before, and now if I create an inline timer for a display, it works only until I delete the old independent timer display. After it's deleted, the inline timer is stuck at 99 and doesn't count down.

This only seems to be a problem with auras I created previous to updating to Beta 3 though (tried with 3), can't recreate with fresh auras.

Also, when looking at a displays menu, you changed the Add Stacks, timer etc to be more clearly visible and not behind a sub-menu. I like this change, but there's a weird green square on the left side of each of these links. (I've seen these green backgrounds with other malfunctioning addons that aren't updated to beta, no idea what that's about).

PS, the timer bars seem to work now, not sure if you did anything about it in the latest beta.

Edit. It seems to be the deleting of the individual timer that breaks the inline one, and just deleting the inline one and making a new one of those fixes the stuckness. Go figure.

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