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I'm seeing a bug with the Buff/Debuff activation. When I create an aura, go into the Display, and Activation, I see a very long character string in the "Matches" field. If I click on the icon beside the field and replace <Buff/Debuff Name> with the spell I'm tracking, then Apply, the string changes, but so long as I don't touch it the trigger works.

If instead of opening the Matches submenu, I enter the spell name (eg "Rising Sun Kick") directly in the "Matches" field on the Activation page (replacing the character string), the trigger stops working, and also clicking the icon for the Matches submenu returns a blank window and this error message in chat:

Error: Interface\Addons\PowerAuras\Utils.lua:654: [string "Return F+" unfinished string near '<eof>'

I saw something like this happening in Beta 1, and it's there in Beta 3 for me now. Seems like if I ignore the "Matches" field in the main Activation page and only use the submenu I have no problem, though.