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Yeah I'm familiar with the trickiness of UI taint. Fortunately, my addon doesn't actually touch the UI, so in the past I have always just been able to say "Blizz blames me, but they are wrong" and go about my day without another thought.

I'm certainly open to finding a better way to accomplish my goal, but I'm not sure how to do so with the idea you propose. The trouble is that I'm not just trying to react the overlay, I'm trying to turn it off. In Cata, hooking it and then immediately calling ActionButton_HideOverlayGlow did the trick, but for whatever reason that doesn't work in MoP anymore. I was able to prevent some spells with ActionBarActionEventsFrame:UnregisterEvent("SPELL_ACTIVATION_OVERLAY_GLOW_SHOW"), but not all. Finally I found that making IsSpellOverlayed always return false did the trick.

I'm not sure you cared to read all that. Perhaps I'll try finding a way to only taint that one function & see if it makes a difference.