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Ok, I want to reiterate that there has got to be a hang up between social and blizzard. I turn off social, I don't get "no player...." spam. I turn on social I get "no player..." spam. I do not run any other addons. If I do not get this message when running zero addons, then it appears the moment I log into the game with social enabled and only goes away when I disable social - reasoning would suggest there is a problem with the addon interacting with the blizzard interface. So saying put a ticket in to blizzard about this is not going to solve it since it does not happen with the blizzard interface only activated. I hope this clears things up.

Edited to add: I am on a new laptop as well. Was a fresh download of WoW with no previous versions of carbonite having been downloaded so there was nothing in cache or wtf to clear.

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