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Originally Posted by Resike View Post
There is not a single programming language that could show a model/texture without pointing to the the file itself. They don't gain any performace by hiding the path to the files or storing them in a different database file. They just simply don't wanna bypass that value to the lua machine, which is dumb on so many levels. (The thing they have done with the casting parameters is pretty dumb too, but at least that could save a lot of server load for them, however it's not so good for the client itself.) I've already made a suggestion report about it, but i doubt it's gonna make any difference.
They don't store filenames at all now, Resike. Even if you had complete access to their C code from the Lua environment, you couldn't retrieve filenames for any file outside of Interface\* (it still knows those names through a separate database called ManifestInterfaceData).

You're right that there is no language that can show a model or texture without pointing to the file itself, but those pointers are no longer names - they're namehashes.

What used to be "Character\Scourge\Male\ScourgeMale.m2" is now known to the client as E69ABF2F3DAFC6FF, for example.
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