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Originally Posted by Simca View Post
It's under DBFilesClient\FileDataComplete.db2, but it's in the new WDB5 format, you'll need a WDB5 reader to read it properly.

The latest version (in a Lua format) I just posted here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kv...j/FileData.lua

Not even sure how the game would handle a 49 MB Lua file though, honestly. It could be wildly stripped down by removing development files (FileDataComplete is literally -complete- in that it includes huge swaths of files that are shipped with the client and only exist on developer's PCs and servers) and by eliminating things that aren't textures or models.

Edit: Making those changes cuts the file size in half, down to 25 MB. That's a lot, but not enough. I wonder about restricting it further so that it only contains A) Models and B) Textures in Interface\*
Is this real? Are they really calling that fd table a million times, instead of putting the values directly into the table?