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Originally Posted by Simca View Post
I have to agree with nevcariel - from what conversation I've had with the devs on the subject over IRC and Twitter, it seems extremely unlikely that they are going to offer us an alternative.

If they readded parsing FileDataComplete to the game, for example, it would be a performance hit. In its most compact uncompressed form (if you split up filenames into 'names' and 'paths' and deduplicate), it is still 27 MB of raw strings. The performance hit would be extremely minor (probably under a second during load time), but they just aren't going to be willing to make -any- performance hit for specific features of optional addons.

Memory sniffing is not involved here (like I said, the client doesn't even know what you're looking for - it can't help with this), and if reading CASC data is against the ToS, then so was reading MPQ data (it's the same concept) and everyone here has broken it hundred times over already.

I'm just trying to help offer productive solutions because I know Blizzard isn't going to do anything about this.
Makes no sense. A model set with displayID needs to know which .m2 file needs to be loaded, as soon as you create the model itself. It also need to know which skin file needs to be loaded. So there needs to be a table somewhere which holds this informations, i just couln't find it. (I found the skinfile-displayid references on live, if you open the CreatureDisplayInfo.db2 you can see which skin files are compatible whit which displayID in the 8-9-10 table.)

And yes you can sniff this out easily just load the model ingame, check which file gets loaded in the casc, export that file make the casc listfile conversion and shazam you get the model's path. But it's just not really the ideal thing.