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Originally Posted by Ketho View Post
But when was model:GetModelFileID() added?
It was probably added after we complained to a dev on irc about losing GetModel, although I don't recall him mentioning anything about it.

Don't rely on those diffs being 100% accurate; they were generated a couple months ago, and even then they weren't complete. It's missing a few script handlers because there isn't really any way to fetch those when they add new ones, unless they're used in the framexml or you do some reverse engineering on the client.

Specifically, models have an OnModelLoaded script that runs when the model actually shows up, and an OnPanFinished script. Cooldowns have an OnCooldownDone script.

Some other additional api functions..
Lua Code:
  1. C_ArtifactUI.DoesEquippedArtifactHaveAnyRelicsSlotted
  2. C_ArtifactUI.GetNumObtainedArtifacts
  3. C_ArtifactUI.ShouldSuppressForgeRotation
  4. C_Garrison.GetLooseShipments
  5. C_MapCanvas.GetNumDetailLayers
  6. C_MountJournal.ClearRecentFanfares
  7. C_PetJournal.ClearRecentFanfares
  8. C_Scenario.ShouldShowCriteria
  9. C_TalkingHead.GetConversationsDeferred
  10. C_TalkingHead.IgnoreCurrentTalkingHead
  11. C_TalkingHead.IsCurrentTalkingHeadIgnored
  12. C_TalkingHead.SetConversationsDeferred
  13. C_TaskQuest.GetQuestZoneID
  14. C_TaskQuest.RequestPreloadRewardData
  15. C_TradeSkillUI.IsRecipeSearchInProgress
  16. C_TransmogCollection.ClearNewAppearance
  17. C_TransmogCollection.GetAppearanceCameraIDBySource
  18. C_TransmogCollection.GetLatestAppearance
  19. C_TransmogCollection.IsNewAppearance
  20. AreInvasionsAvailable
  21. EJ_GetInvTypeSortOrder
  22. EJ_IsLootListOutOfDate
  23. GetSpellBookItemTextureFileName
  24. GetSpellTextureFileName
  25. GetTickTime
  26. HasInboxItem
  27. HasSendMailItem
  28. IsInCinematicScene
  29. IsQuestIgnored
  30. IsQuestItemHidden
  31. IsServerControlledBackfill
  32. SortQuestSortTypes
  33. UnignoreQuest

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