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Originally Posted by ScytheBlade1 View Post
A few things.

1) When you launch Minion, it downloads a catalog of updates from the server. In short, it "updates" every time you launch it. Any delay is server side, and I'll get that looked at.
2) Your reinstallation of Minion followed by it saying there are numerous updates available kinda puzzles me. Is there any chance you could make this happen again, and then give me steps to reproduce it and upload a log file?
I can see if I can replicate it again. Like I said, it's something I've noticed the two times I've updated my OS (in turn reinstalled WoWMinion - WoW has always been a separate drive.).

Originally Posted by ScytheBlade1 View Post
I'm not positive about this, but simply closing and opening minion *should* update the list. You're right, that isn't intuitive and it honestly makes very little sense. Are you deleting/adding addons manually with Minion open?
In some cases, yes, I'm manually modifying my addons through some means. For example, WoWMinion isn't taking care of all folders on delete (Bagnon - I added then deleted it through WoWMinon and a load of additional folders/addons associated with Bagnon still remain). A nice ability to refresh would be useful. I'd like two levels: full reload (of datafile, everything) and a refresh which just updates the addon list, comparing to the local cache datafile.

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