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You can't do that specifically in TBC since we no longer have access to functions movement functions such as Jump(). However, what you can do, is do the following:
  • Open your macro window by typing /macro
  • Create a new macro, and choose a name for it (either in your general tab, or your character's tab, the choice is yours).
  • Type the following in the macro window: /castsequence Track Herbs; Track Minerals

Clicking on the above macro will alternate between tracking herbs and tracking minerals. You can either place it on your main action bar, or your side bar, or bind it directly to a key by typing in the following command (just type it in as if you were going to say something, using enter):
/run SetBindingMacro("KEY HERE","MACRO NAME HERE") SaveBindings(2)

I've bound mine to V; so the above command looks like this to me:
/run SetBindingMacro("V","Tracker") SaveBindings(2)

If you wish to have it bound to V for every character on your account, change SaveBindings(2) to SaveBindings(1).
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