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Quest complete spam

My observations might help in tracking down a fix for this, although I have heard players who are using other addons that have some type of Quest Complete announcement are getting the same spam.
At least for me, the Quest Complete spam is occurring when I have have an active "collect x number of items" type of quest in my log, have already collected enough of the item to satisfy the quest requirements but am continuing to loot that item for various reasons...
Crafting Mats such as Fjarnskaggl or Leystone being collected for a quest as well as non-crafting items being collected for the quest that continue to drop in loot because that stack of 100 bunny foo foo ears (which might not even land in your bags) wasn't given a stack limit of 100.
It continues to acknowledge the quest is complete each time another one is looted until the quest is turned in.
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