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Originally Posted by tattooedpierre View Post
I like the premise of the OP's thinking; but the reality is that some addons just seem to break more easily than others.
Do they break in unusable ways ?
Or are they broken as in a little bit inaccurate ?

Originally Posted by tattooedpierre View Post
On the other hand, of those mods I use some seem to be updated all the time with bug fixes and optimisations etc. QuestHelper is an example, Dr/Mr Damage as well. These kind of mods I'd really want to be bang up-to-date though, so in those cases I'd use the addon updater to keep them in check.
I'm afraid I don't follow your logic.

If an addon is broken then of course you're going to update it. That's a given. So you update them.

But with these mods that get updated all the time with bug fixes and optimisations ? What are the consequences of not updating ? And of those "bug fixes" which ones are actually effecting you ?

What I'm trying to get it at here is it's possible for a bug fix and/or optimisation to never effect you as a player. For example :

Mobspells r56 "Fix deleting mobs"

I don't use that part of Mobspells. So I didn't download that update.

You don't have to download every single version that an author comes out with. Examine the change log then make an informed decision. But you should always consider "is it working fine for me or not"

I really don't like Blindly installing new versions of things without knowing what changes they are going to bring. Is this new version going to change something in the addon fundamentally ? Well if so I'ld like to know what that is.

IMHO doing this "examine the change log" thing should be fairly simple to do with an updater client - Both the Curse client and the wow interface client have an option for looking at it.

I guess with all this rambling I'm just trying to convince you that you don't need to update every single day
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