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Originally Posted by Daelic View Post
Why do you, the OP, feel the need to try and coerce people to do things your way? What do you feel you're losing by wowinterface releasing an updater, and allowing people to have an easier method of addon updating?
Like MidgetMage's said above.

This thread's all about changing attitudes towards updating addons.

Why do we update our addons ?
Is it necessary to do this every day ?
Do I need to download every single update that comes out ?
Is an updater client the only fast and easiest way to do this ?

Theres many different methods of updating that work equally well for people - updater clients, RSS, SVN , email updates , favourites , bookmarks etc etc etc. At the end of the day you'll use w/e is comfortable for you.

It's about changing the attitude of downloading every single addon update that comes out and that you have to do it every single day.

So to answer your question : I'm not trying to co-erce people to my method of updating. If I did I would of named the thread "The one true method of updating" or "This updating method pwns all others".

I love it how they are coming out with a new updater client. The more ways of updating the method.

I'm just trying to change peoples attitude to where they don't need to use it every single day nor to download every single update and no an update program is not the only way you can update an addon.
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