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Originally Posted by Eklypse View Post
However, both of your posts have a preachy feel to them (as if to say shame on your for using automatic updaters)
Well I for one apologise for any undue tone that may be read into my words. What I'm trying to change peoples minds about is how , why and when they update their addons. I'm not trying to say "shame on you for using an automatic updater".

What I'm trying to combat is the attitude out there that you *must* update your addons every day (or every 2 days or some other arbitrary regular interval) and that an automatic updater client is the only fast and easy option to update your addons.

There is many many many varied ways of updating your addons. An automatic updater program is not the only option out there ...

Originally Posted by Eklypse View Post
and I think you should realize that to the average person that your system is... well imho... off the beaten path. I get that emails about updates could be rather handy if left with no other option, but you say that out of 22 updates you download 4. I for one am a raider and I have seen the chaos that can arise of other people in the raid not having the latest version of addons. Omen for one can be way off, DBM and BigWigs can be way off to name a few good examples.
Would respectefully like to point out I'm not the only person who uses this method of updating. I'm not some archic hermit in the woods whos invented his own special way of cutting grass

Omen has access to the direct threat numbers now so other raiders not having the latest version doesn't matter anymore. DBM and Bigwigs have been known to off by a few seconds even with the latest updates installed. Possible due to latency , possibly due to hot fixes made , possibly due to a new raid instance being out . I don't believe a few seconds off here and there really matters - IMHO a good decent raid can adjust itself for litte "suprises" like that here and there. I often hear over vent someone saying that DBM must be a few seconds out so one of the tanks has to taunt a few seconds earlier. All part of raiding IMHO.
Originally Posted by Eklypse View Post
To me I think that when an addon author releases an addon, they have released something that they thought was worth updating for. I know it isn't a perfect world an that sometimes it is only a localization update, but for the most part who better to say "Okay guys time to update" then the people who are intimate with the coding of the addon. Do you know something that they don't? Are you in a better position than they are to judge whether something is worth it? Like I said I can't and won't push you to change your system, just providing some food for thought here.
I treat my UI as a closed working system.

That is for each update I think "why should I download this?" "why should I risk breaking my working system?"

This is why authors provide change logs for. They show exactly why they updated. Bear in mind they know that not every update they do will be for everyone. Also I get notifications of plenty of localisation updates. Most of the stuff they release are relatively minor updates . I know this because I read the change logs for every email I get.

So yes. It's my UI. I should decide wheter I want to download build v3698 of an addon or not. Is it worth my time downloading it ? My finger is just itching to press that delete key to ignore that update. I need to be given a reason to download that update. If I have no reasons to download then I don't waste my time on it

Most of the time when an author recommends updating to the latest patch of an addon it's because they've fixed a bug or made some kind of code optimization somewhere. If the change loge mentions fixing a bug I've personally been getting then of course I update it. Code optimizations are also nice too - it shows the authors figuring out more efficient ways of doing things and I'm all for that
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