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I'm going to add a little more food for thought here.. I am one of the many that runs my updater every day, and 'blindly' updates with any changes... I'm fully aware and capable of using a method similar to what has been suggested. Now this is where the opposing argument comes in, I personally choose not to waste my time with reviewing every little change and deciding whether or not this is a change I need. You have your way, you like it better, and it works for you. This is the important feature for anyones updating method. My counter point, and likewise, I'm not trying to change anyones mind on how to do things, is that the time you spend checking your e-mail, reading the changes, deciding which updates to get, downloading them, installing them, etc.. actually wastes more time than firing up the updater seeing an update, clicking the install button and moving on. And just to make sure it's clear, whether intended or not, the statement was essentially made that your method actually takes less time than an auto-updater. Also, your posts do have that preachy feel to them, though I'm also not the greatest at getting my true intent and feeling across in text form :P
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