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Originally Posted by Eklypse View Post
And I am going to assume that you mean May 3rd and not May 2003? Amirite? Gotta be because WoW wasn't released until 04. ;P
Yeah May 3rd 2009.

I did update Prat but only because I was getting an error when I went to invite someone. It's an intermittant problem so it hasn't come up often enough for me to worry about. Not sure if I fixed or not but oh well

Originally Posted by Eklypse View Post
I will just say that truly my experience has shown that updating regularly is the way to go. I personally recommend at least 1-2 times per week, TBH for my raiders I'll be recommending a Minion update check each raid day.
If there's one thing i'ld like you to take from this little conversation is that you don't need every update that comes out. If you only play in one language then you shouldn't need to download localization updates for a language you don't play in. Localization & tagging changes can usually be safely ignored.

This is why I take a quick squeeze at the change logs - I'm trying to reduce the number of things I have to look at. If the only change on an email update email is something about tagging or an update for a specific locale then I delete it and go to the next thing.

When Minion comes out I'll have a look at using it. But only to reduce the time spent examing emails - i'll still be mark stuff as not to update based on if I think it's a major enough change to update.
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