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Originally Posted by w01ph View Post
I'm going to add a little more food for thought here.. I am one of the many that runs my updater every day, and 'blindly' updates with any changes...
But do you know what's being updated ? And why ?

And do you need to download every single update that comes out ?

You see I've examined the change logs for a lot of addons that update regularly. Recount is the only one out of the ones I keep an eye on that gets regular updates and I update that when I get into a PUG group with people I don't know. The rest are for the most part localisation changes and tagging changes.

Prat is the only addon I've updated in 3 weeks. I don't see any error that come up regularly in play. All my addons do exactly what I've been using them for.

Originally Posted by w01ph View Post
Now this is where the opposing argument comes in, I personally choose not to waste my time with reviewing every little change and deciding whether or not this is a change I need.
Personally I prefer to know exactly what's changed instead of updating something and assuming it's going to be optimization or needed bug fix

Originally Posted by w01ph View Post
My counter point, and likewise, I'm not trying to change anyones mind on how to do things, is that the time you spend checking your e-mail, reading the changes, deciding which updates to get, downloading them, installing them, etc.. actually wastes more time than firing up the updater seeing an update, clicking the install button and moving on.
My point continues to be when updating you don't need to do it every day.

I'm not doing this whole update process every single day. It's either every week or every 2 weeks. I'm late for my regular update schedule as I'm waiting for one of my addons to break. They aren't breaking dang name it !

So let's do comparison for my way against yours :

Your way:

Open a program
Click an update all program
Downloads all the updates
Installs them in the correct place.

Estimated time taken : 5 mins

You do this every day.

My way :

Alt-Tab to my email client
3-5 minutes going through emails.
3-5 minutes going through multiple addon pages
Downloading time.
2 Minutes to install them

Estimated time taken 8 - 14 minutes

I do this every 2 weeks.

So in the time I take to do one update you would already of updated 14 times (once per day).

14 X 5 minutes = 70 minutes you've spent spread over 2 weeks updating your addons.

So my counter point is - If you do have to compare the two methods you need to take into consideration the fact that I only update every 2 weeks while you've done it every day. I could use an automatic update program to assist me in doing this but it's only going to save me a few minutes here and there on a process that takes me no more then 15 minutes every 2 weeks.

Lastly not a personal dig but when writing a response to someone a good thing to do for readability is to put paragraphs in your response. Your wall of text without any paragraphs in it just about critted me for 9999 damage
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