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Originally Posted by honem View Post

The consequences I can see ?

Questhelper - It might have the wrong locations for stuff. Easily solved with alt-tabbing to Wowhead
OP, I largely agree with your sentiment. The whole addon updating addiction can be traced back to Omen, which proved superior to KTM and thus required everyone to jump on to it, but was updated multiple times a day and each version was somewhat incompatible with its previous, necessitating each entire guild to be running the same build number. Thus came the unwashed masses to WAU to update their Omen (and everything else) just before raid time each day.

That being said.. the whole point of an addon like QuestHelper (or Lightheaded, or Carbonite, or any number of other similar services) is to bring out-of-game help into the in-game environment. If there is anything wrong in the addon I use for this purpose for which the only workaround is alt-tab, I consider the addon majorly broken.
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