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Originally Posted by Eklypse View Post
So your talking about 14 seconds per week/28 for 2 weeks. Whereas your method requires you to be focused on the task the entire time. So no cookies for joo!
I think you're still missing my point here.

By the time i've updated my addons or any of one of addons once you've already updated 14 times. So you've run a program before logging into wow every single day when me I just use the program's I've already got open to do it.

What I'm trying to get people to see is you don't need to download every update that comes out and you don't need to do this every day.

Like I've said above. If you move updating your addons to be something you don't do very often then it doesn't matter what method you use. You just don't need to be hitting up any servers for addon updates every day.

Lastly I'm wondering - do you let the process of updating stop you from logging in ?

I doubt that an updater client can check all the updates , download them all and unzip them in 1 second. This timing is included in the time I say to people of how long it takes me to update my addons. Start to finish. Under 15 minutes.

Are you spent waiting for the addon updates to finish downloading before you log into wow?

If so why ?
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