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Originally Posted by forty2j View Post
OP, I largely agree with your sentiment. The whole addon updating addiction can be traced back to Omen, which proved superior to KTM and thus required everyone to jump on to it, but was updated multiple times a day and each version was somewhat incompatible with its previous, necessitating each entire guild to be running the same build number. Thus came the unwashed masses to WAU to update their Omen (and everything else) just before raid time each day.
The wow ace packager was a tad bit insane. It would package up a new zip each time an author would submit an update. Often times it was a minor update that 75% of the WAU users did not need.

An author makes a change in his russian localisation. It's maybe 4 or 5 lines of code. The packager makes a new zip version automatically. 1.7899 billion wow players all click their magic "update all" buttons. That's a ton of necessary bandwidth. Bandwidth paid for mainly by Kaelten btw

Originally Posted by forty2j View Post
If there is anything wrong in the addon I use for this purpose for which the only workaround is alt-tab, I consider the addon majorly broken.
My analogy was flawed IMHO. I was trying to say "if this addon breaks ....this is what you can do as an alternative".

I was not trying to condemn the use of QH or Carbonite here. I use Carbonite as a radar . QH's too big too bright and too "there is only one way to do these quests and you will follow the arrows or DIAF" for me. For me the fun of questing is how chaotically you can do quests.
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