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Well I would be careful about using the phrase "Russian Roulette", just because an update is minimal doesn't mean it is harmful. I usually check for updates daily so that I can stay on top of what is available and keep my raiders updated too. I only run into about 3 addons per year that actually glitch or break my UI and those can be disabled without even leaving the game. And as I said in a previous post that fixes are usually released before I have a chance to check for them. I am probably going to continue checking for updates daily via Minion once it is released unless WoWI releases some sort of statement asking us to limit our queries/downloads. And if they setup Minion's business model the right way (which I am confident they are) I just don't see that happening. And if there is at least one update available I might as well hit "Update All" instead of "Update Addon". I really don't feel like keeping up with a growing backlog of what I want to update and what I don't want to update as time passes.

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