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Being that i generally fall in to group 1 i can say from experience that i most certainly am favored on one side and not the other. A guild mate of mine falls in to category 2 and while he has some of the newest and slickest mods and/or updates he also tends to have to disable addons more frequently. [note: more frequently as in 3-4x a week where i havent had to disable an addon in over a month.] but he uses less memory and tends to be up to date on features that i may be missing.

Do you honestly think that people in group 1 would continue to do what they do if there was no advantage for them? Just because you dont see the benefit doesnt mean there isnt one. Same applies to people in the other direction. People generally find a style of doing things that gives them some sort of benefit while suiting their personality.

Ill explain myself as my example for 1. I have well over 200 addons (excluding sub folders for modules) I havent updated a single addon since patch week. I fixed what was broken. No bugs came from it so i havent bothered to update further. When i see a favorite has an update i take a peek out of curiosity and have passed over some new features that i didnt deem necessary to my needs. Are you implying that even in my current example (additional clarification below) that i gain no advantage/benefit from this?

Do i see an advantage/benefit from updating daily? Certainly. Is it something i personally deem necessary? No.

Will i use the updater when its released? Ill certainly give it a test. If it suits my needs then most definitely i will.

Since the point is obviously gone from a humorous observation to a debate Ill clarify then.

Group 1. Infrequent updates to minimize system impact getting only what they consider necessary.
Upside: More likely to be very stable with few to no bugs.
Downside: Could be missing new features. More likely to be using more memory/cpu cycles due to missing optimizations.

Group 2. Frequent updates to have any new feature and/or be as current as possible.
Upside: More likely to have an optimized system. More likely to have newer features sooner.
Downside: More likely to have bugs show up on a more frequent basis.

The issue i see in this entire debate is folks are talking in absolutes. This is far from reality. There are ALWAYS exceptions. We can nitpick all day little details about how this analogy or that one can be proven inaccurate on a case by case basis. Politics anyone? ><

In the end everyone will pick what they like and suits their way of doing things. Its a preference. If one version over another was that much of a benefit the majority would most likely (notice i dont speak in an absolute statement) use it. The benefits of any system of updating are utilized by an individual to suit their needs and personalities.

Ive avoided the debate as a whole (and i like to think the above reinforces this) because i dont see any HUGE difference in the end result of either system. Do I think updates needs to be done daily? Certainly not. Nor do i think that my way of doing things will satisfy anyone else. Im not anyone else so i cant speak for them. That however is MY way of looking at it. And thats the only person i can speak intelligently on.

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