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Ive read your statements. Ive followed the thread. I was (attempting) replying solely to the statements in reply to mine. In your own words you stated that the "group 1" i described really wasnt favored on either side of the coin. Which i disagree with and I chose to clarify why each method has its benefits and why. If you hadnt claimed that i wouldnt have replied at all. It was simply an elaboration.

As is my usual way i tend to take elaboration to an extreme. Once i felt i had to go beyond my original comments i personally felt the need to put my full 2c in to qualify my statements. Though the core of my reply was in response to the above statement.

I dont feel you were inferring anything nor was i trying to preach at you or i would have said as much. If thats the tone you got from my statement then i apologize. It was not my intent. I had hoped my original bit of humor was self explanatory. I see now that it wasnt so i felt the need to to explain more for the masses reading this.

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