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A major frustration for me is that on the websites where my "We Don't Wipe" AddOn is hosted, players cannot handle a process of installation which to me seems rather trivial.

My "We Don't Wipe" AddOn is NOT "Instal Client" friendly.

I have had to make a change, timed for Patch 5.4, to simplify the installation of modules into We Don't Wipe, because it is clear to me that otherwise competent players are struggling with the manual handling of files. It remains that even after Patch 5.4, my AddOn is still not (and never will be unless someone bothers to tell me what to do as I use a Mac) "Instal Client" friendly.

So.... I try to hold off on any kind of update because I just know that I will need to hand hold players with the installation process of the latest update.

Another point is that I resent regular updates of AddOns anyway.

It implies that the developer is amateurish. Yeah, I make programming mistakes but if I just fix on a hunch and release without some testing then I'll be uploading more than once a day.

So if I find that an AddOn is getting regular updates WITHOUT significant feature enhancements then I know the true score: the developer (yeah donating his/her time for free to be sure) is sloppy and I will look elsewhere for a similar feature set.

Just my thoughts.

Edit: OMG!!!! I decided to read through all the posts and there was a mention of my AddOn (in all its inglory). My comments above stand I think.

Originally Posted by mom2chris06 View Post
I just got the add on We dont wipe and saw that today there is a new updated one due to Patch 5.04 coming out. It looks as if the only thing i will need to do is just change the module only since it was for my Elemental Shaman.

My questions is this, will i need to delete the module file, dl the new one, extract and put where it needs to go and change any wording on it with WOW not on and when i turn it back on for more gaming it will be done correctly? Sorry if i sound ignorant or dumb i have only used curse and like most others i do the automatic download. I want to make sure that i do it correctly and have a fun gaming experience.

Thanks for reading and for the answser,

I truly wish that this player had PMed me or posted a comment on the AddOn's comments page. If think readers will agree with me that these kinds of frustrations are so common and yet so easily resolved.

Perhaps I should add a third point to my previous two:

AddOn authors need to communicate clearly what needs to be done. I think many authors are sometimes deficient in this regard.
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