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Originally Posted by Gethe View Post
Any chance this could be added to package control? I believe it was previously included, so you may just need to update the repo url.

Also, by including luacheck in the package, this causes anyone who already had lua and luacheck installed to get two notifications per error.

It may be better to have that feature split into a separate package. It would be good for those like myself who already have luacheck installed on a system level, and just want the wow specific stuff. It's also good for those who don't want the syntax stuff, but are looking global checker without having to install lua, etc.
Will look into the package, the problem is that the package does still exists and i'm not sure how can i take it over or update it:

You can toggle SublimeLinter by linters, if you disable the global finder linter, then you should only get the luacheck results. (aka only one global errors per line)
Open the command panel (cltr+shift+p) and search for toggle linter:

But moving the Linter/GlobalFinder/SyntaxHighlighter into a different projects are also could be better.

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