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Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
You can use /fstack in-game and mouseover the frame to get its name. However, the personal resource frame is a custom nameplate and I believe is treated like a friendly nameplate, which can't be altered or anchored to in instances.
I believe the PRD has an exception to that, because in instances my PRD-anchored weakuaras still appear and also the bar uses kuinameplates' appearance unlike the ally nameplates.

Mousing over the PRD with /fstack gives me this:

I tried using both NamePlate1UnitFrame and NamePlate1 as a parent, but both of those still result in a nil parent for my frame. Printing NamePlate1UnitFrame or NamePlate1 gives me a hex string instead of nil though, so that's a start.

Is there something specific I need to do to fetch a frame from its name or something? It's hard to know exactly what I'm looking for when dealing with dynamically-typed languages.
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