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Auctioeer has a fairly advanced method to find the "market" value of items. Unfortunately it's also prone to being "screwed with" by other players... especially with enchanting mats since there is no deposit fee. It can give you a damn good estimate of what an item is worth, but you shouldn't rely on what it tells you alone. You should pay close attention to the other prices on the AH when you're posting. It can help with this as well, it have a nice view that will pull down all the auctions up so you can judge if the price is a good one to use.

You might find all this a little much however. I've personally found a system that works great for me... only care about the lowest price for an item. Yes, I am losing out on a little bit of money by not using the "average"... but it's much easier to manage, and takes a lot less memory to pull off. Auctioneer used more memory than all my other addons combined. While I understand why it does, and I'm not at all saying Auctioneer is bad... I just tend to like simple solutions, and Auctioneer is far from simple.

Give it a whirl, see if you like it. If you don't, then don't use it. Don't waste your time with other people's opinions, form your own!
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