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Originally Posted by Kaomie View Post
Like I mentioned recently in another thread I am convinced some people actually "exploit" auction addons virtually inflating prices so that any automated valuation will be fooled, regardless the math and formulas used behind the prices. Then if you do not pay attention you either pay too much or overprice your own auctions. I guess it all comes down to how much time and attention you want to spend at the AH versus how much money you will actually get back.
Well, not "any"... if you use the min price there's really nothing to exploit. If they try to drive the price down the same way they try to drive the price up, people will buy their cheap stuff up quickly and it won't end up in your history. If you keep no history and simply use the current AH prices, it's even harder.

This is the method I use. It's very low memory use, it's effective, the only "cost" is that I make slightly less money than I would with auctioneer's prices. But that's something I'm very willing to live with, since I found that when I did use auctioneer, even though it's aiming to keep the "average" price, my markup/markdown settings tended to make it always undercut unless the price had become horribly inflated.
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