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I have used the mouse for a few weeks and love it. I also use a g13 so i bind a lot. i dont use the mouse much for spells other than my druid forms, professions, vent, mount, and other commonly accessed items (map, quests, etc..) since i bound my 1 - "-" keys on the g13 i turned the mouse to num pad mode and it works like a champ. not to mention on my mac i have a program that can control the two buttons to the forward left of the left button to alt and shift. this gives me even more bindings on both the mouse and g13. razer has also said that they will be working on a way to bind the keys to any button though that functionality has not been implemented due to concerns with Terms of Use with MMOs.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get into keybinding or someone who has current keybindings looking to expand.

4/5 (just because i cant bind the keys on the side to any key i want)
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