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Late as well here, but throwing in my two copper anyway.

I got the Naga about a week ago, replacing my MX518, and love it to death already. I figured it would take some getting used to, but I ended up pulling off the trainers I'd set up after about five minutes. Since then I've just made a habit of jabbing at random buttons to see if I hit the right one, which has helped my accuracy with it a lot.

The good: It feels lovely in my palm, it's amazingly precise, and the click action is perfect. Teflon pads go around the full bottom edge instead of just 5-6 points, which really does make a difference with a good mousing surface. The mouse is easily the best I've ever had the pleasure of using even without the extra buttons.

The bad: The back/forward buttons are a little awkward to get to, but that's probably my half-disabled right hand talking (cut tendons in the middle, ring, and pinky fingers - makes a claw grip really hard to pull off). There's no adjustment for the pointer acceleration that I've been able to find. Not too bad after a while of using it, but I'd still love to tweak it.

The ugly: The thumb buttons are set to only be the numpad or number row - No option for generic mouse buttons, which is my only gripe. Great for tanking and DPS, not so good for healing if you're the mouseover type. Clique only works with standard mouse buttons, so I've been forced to tie up a bunch of macro slots until I can find something else or write a custom solution.

Absolute joy to use, final answer.
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