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Originally Posted by Archangel_Mike View Post
It's illegal to buy controlled substances in the US too, but people do it all the time. Doesn't make it right, it's just how it is and how it's been since the beginning of civilization. I used to support Carbonite Addon by paying for it and, until their updates became further and further from patch release, I donated to it's development.

How you gonna stop me from giving some mo-fo some cash'ola?? It's MY cash!

PS: Thanks for the updates!
That's not really relevant, since Blizzard can (and frequently does) alter WoW code in order to prevent "bad" addons from working. I could accept the analogy, but only if the US government could at will alter the constitution and thus make controlled substances have no effect on people while within the borders of the US. Which would be pretty darn cool.