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Addon Detection Via Chat

Can an addon detect a player whispering you something and respond with a string that changes from what the player said?
A->B: Heya!
B->A: [AfkMessage] B is away at the moment. Message? (Use {M} in Message to go to Mail.)
A->B: {M}Hey B, I need some netherweave, you got some?
B->A: Message Set.

Then when B gets back, a notification occurs showing the message.

This could also be useful for shops:

A->B: WTS Savage Leather, Heavy And Pristine Hide.
B->A: Ill buy some!
A->B: [AutoShop] Commands: Use {L} to list items with prices. {L1,2,3} For Pages. Use {B} [Item] [Q(in stacks)] to notify the seller that you want to buy something.
B->A: {L}
A->B: Savage Leather: 6g/item, Heavy Savage Leather: 10g/item, Pristine Hide: 300g/item.
B->A: {B} Heavy Savage Leather 5
A->B: Notified A, one moment please.

Window pops up.

Any ideas?
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