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Originally Posted by mjumnito View Post
here ya go Eclidean. The WoWI version of the curse client. No 2 limit download updating Minion Note: this only works for WoWI
Just for grins, as this was the first I heard of an alternative to Curse, from your link I downloaded and installed MMOUI Minion and quickly ran into a problem with it. It starts up Java (Sun JRE 7.21) which shows up in the task manager, but then nothing happens, nothing is displayed on the desktop, no error windows, nothing at all. Maybe it just doesn't like the latest Sun Java version.

No biggie though, guess there's a reason it's in beta.

Gotta admit though, I do wonder why it's written in Java, which would not be my first language choice (or second/third choice for that matter)!
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