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so... what does the future hold?

so, i've kinda given up on waiting for nui6, seen no activity since the last major patch for nui5 apart from the usual update to version.. so whats the word? is nui6 coming or has scott ditched it for other projects? cause for me i need a ui addon that doesn't own my framerate whenever i'm in a raid, and i'm really a massive supporter of nui itself due to the fact there is nothing else out there like it... but its coming to a point with 5.4 looming and the promise nui6 would be ready with cata, then panda, but both promises falling short i feel the need to ask whats going on? and if nui has hit end of life due to disinterest is there anything out there i can use to replace nui?

so yeah question is, will we see a complete release of nui6 or should we start shopping for a new ui?
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